Our Financial Products and Services

Since inception, the Organization has experienced phenomenal growth on account of the quality and benefits of its financial products and services, its focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency of its human capital. Today Coastline Microfinance Bank Limited is a multi-million Naira organization poised to reach new heights in every endeavour.

Current Account

For salary earners, individuals, corporate bodies, etc

Savings Account

With attractive and competitive yielding interest rates.

Micro-Credit Loan Scheme


Salary Advance

A privilege enjoyed by salaried income earners.

Fixed Deposit Account

With highly competitive and negotiable interests.

Household Items / Asset Acquisition Loan Scheme

Keke/Tricycle Loan

Short/Mid-Term Loan

Business Empowerement Loan Scheme

Children Education Savings Account (CESA)

Daily Thrift Savings Loan Scheme

LPO Financing

Immediate Value For Salary Cheques


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